I am lucky to live in one of the many townhouses in the Waters Edge Community. While our homes were still standing after the May 25 tornado that destroyed so many of the single-family homes, we still sustained substantial damage.

Every one of our townhouses needs a new exterior. We wondered how long it would take to put so many homes back to normal. If last week's work is any indication, it won't be long!

Last week an army of roofers descended upon our community. I have never seen so many work so fast or be orchestrated so well. My area has buildings with four to six units each. Each day we watched in awe as workers attacked up to six buildings, getting the old roofs stripped off and new ones put on.

They arrive around 7 a.m. and don't leave until each roof is totally finished -- usually around 7 p.m. There is no waiting for supplies or debris removal. Another army keeps the worker army moving.

I'd like to know the general who planned, organized and is executing this undertaking. I can only hope he has four stars!

I am only one resident of the community watching this marvel, but I am grateful. Bravo!