The editorial about the bonding bill couldn't have been more timely ("Want job growth? Fund state projects," April 1). While we are encouraged by recent reports of employment increases in the general economy, unemployment in the construction industry remains disproportionately high.

The unemployment rate in some skilled trades is 20 percent or higher, and many skilled workers haven't worked at their trades for years. It's doubtful whether the Minnesota industry will ever recover the 50,000 construction jobs lost since 2006.

Whatever became of the "jobs, jobs, jobs" promises that led to the election of many of our current officials? There's is still time to make good on these promises.

Legislators, pass a generous bonding bill before the session adjourns. Take a positive step forward to create meaningful Minnesota jobs while enhancing our communities and performing crucial maintenance on public infrastructure.


The writer is CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Minnesota.