Joe Repya seems to miss the larger and more critical point concerning the future of the Republican Party of Minnesota ("Money, sex, Ron Paul hits KO GOP," April 25).

While political parties serve an important role, it's the principles they represent that matter most. Like any other human institution, political parties are made up of people whose words or actions can sometimes fail to live up to the principles that they support.

Nevertheless, the failures of individuals, however disappointing, don't prove or disprove those principles.

While Repya goes to some length recounting recent disappointing events involving some Republicans, the principles of fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility and a strong national defense are what matter and should be the focus this election year.

Contrary to Repya's assertion, the real threat comes from those who would distract us with sensationalistic stories of failures by some individuals instead of what voters need and deserve: a genuine debate on the issues facing our state and nation.