David Kahn has written another letter to Wolves Nation. This one sets up this week's start of a season-ticket campaign for 2010-11 that will cut ticket prices:

This season has certainly seen its share of excitement, but not nearly enough for any of us at Timberwolves Headquarters.  As I write this letter our win/loss record is 13-43. You’re probably thinking, so here’s where he starts talking about the Long Term Plan, right?

Except, no. It isn’t. This is where we talk about right now.
It’s clear that it’s not enough to rebuild our team; we need to rebuild our fan base. We need big crowds to win but we can’t expect big crowds until we start winning. It’s the proverbial chicken-and-egg. Believe it or not, we actually lead the NBA in attendance growth this season, but it’s not enough fans to suit us or our plans. So to get you on board right now we’re launching the most aggressive fan development program in our history: During the month of March we’re cutting season ticket prices for next year up to 50%. Thousands of seats in the lower level will be half price.
We’ll do whatever it takes to build a championship-caliber team, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re along for the ride.
Because we are making progress. We’re seeing growth in young players such as Kevin Love and Jonny Flynn, both of whom were selected to play in the Rookie/Sophomore game at All-Star Weekend this year. We see validation by Al Jefferson’s and Kevin Love’s selection to Team USA a few weeks back.  We also continue to make decisions that improve our team over the long haul --from the upcoming draft, where we may have up to three first-round picks, to clearing cap space so that we have maximum flexibility in this year's free agency market, to building a coaching staff that has collected 15 championship rings.
The bandwagon has put on its left blinker and is leaving the curb. This is our way of demonstrating how much we want you on it.