The Minnesota Office of the Legislative Auditor on Tuesday issued recommendations for changes following its audit of the Minnesota State High School League's transfer eligibility process.

They are

The Legislature should amend state statutes to require the MSHSL to establish a fair hearing process, and improve the league's rule-making processes.

The Legislature should amend Minnesota Statutes 2016, 3.842, to provide for discretionary review of league eligibility regulations by the Legislative Coordinating Commission.

The Legislature should amend state statutes to require the Minnesota Department of Education to review the MSHSL's transfer eligibility bylaws, policies and procedures for compliance with Department of Education programs and related state and federal law and monitor certain transfer student cases.

The league should improve its correspondence and website to better inform schools and parents about requirements for transfer student eligibility, appeals, and requests for independent hearings.

To improve consistency and compliance with league goals and regulations, members of the League Board of Directors should improve the review of league staff decisions regarding transfer student eligibility appeals and fair hearing requests.

Jim Paulsen