Leggo my Twists

The newest Eggo item from Kellogg is Bakeshop Twists, criss-crossed strips of frozen pastry with strawberry or apple filling baked inside and dotted with coarse sugar. Mr. Tidbit has no idea why, following last fall's introduction of Eggo Bakeshop Swirlz (spiral-shaped frozen pastries with filling and icing baked inside), this item isn't Bakeshop Twistz. Maybe Kellogg ran out of Zs.

That aside, the most startling thing about Twists is the price. At one discount supermarket, where the box of Bakeshop Swirlz was $3.09, the box of Bakeshop Twists was $2.93. But the Swirlz box, at 13.3 ounces, contains six Swirlz (52 cents per 2.2-ounce item); the Twists box, at 7.7 ounces, contains four Twists (73 cents per 1.9-ounce item).

Crush this!

The regular cups of Danimals (Dannon's kid-centered line of yogurt), have been replaced with no-spoon-required Crush Cups ("peel lid, squeeze, slurp & enjoy").

Mr. Tidbit is the first to admit that he thought Yoplait's Go-Gurt (tubes of squeeze-into-your-face yogurt) was a hilariously bad idea -- that no parent in his right mind would bring home yogurt that could be squirted across the table -- and that he was very, very wrong.

But come on! At least the open end of a tube of Go-Gurt can be put inside your mouth before you squirt it; there's no way to avoid slobbering the contents of the Crush Cup around when you try to lick it.

Folks who keep score on this sort of thing will want to remind Mr. Tidbit of his foolish opinion when the Crush Cup is so successful that it not only replaces the rigid cup in Dannon's Activia line for regularity-challenged adults, it becomes the standard container for every brand in the whole yogurt case, causing terrible economic displacement in the spoon industry.