Smartphones have quickly closed the gap between handheld devices and consoles. As "Genshin Impact" has shown, the gaming machine in your pocket can produce graphics equal to anything you'd see on the past generation of machines.

The iPhone 12 emphasizes this point with three games that are on their way or already on the smartphone.

"League of Legends: Wild Rift": After years of being solely on PC, Riot Games is bringing its famed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game to mobile devices and consoles, but tailored for a different audience. The average "League of Legends" game takes 40 minutes while "Wild Rift" contests average 17 minutes. That means players can get a quick game in during their commute or lunch break.

"Wild Rift" has the same rhythm and typography but everything happens much faster. Mistakes are more devastating and the swings in matches more drastic.

"Crash on the Run!": Activision is bringing the "Crash Bandicoot" franchise to smartphones sometime this spring, with the help of "Candy Crush"-maker King. The project takes elements of the endless runner genre popularized by the likes of "Temple Run" and applies it to the beloved franchise. In doing so, they removed the "endless" part and created a level-based format that players would see in a typical "Crash" game. The hero travels to different worlds and biomes, overcoming obstacles and even defeating bosses.

Like other "Crash" games, players will unlock skins, but they're more than just decorative. Some may boost resource gathering while others may give players an extra Aku AKu so they can handle tougher levels.

"Marvel Realm of Champions": This action role-playing game lets players control their favorite comic book characters in an open arena. The game takes place on a planet called Battleworld, where the death of its emperor has led to conflict among the Champion Houses. The gameplay is easy to pick up with players moving around and fighting with light, heavy and special attacks.

Out now, the game has a MOBA feel but it's more direct as players battle over a center of arena to get supercharged so that they can defeat the other houses' battlefield leader. The concept can be addictive as players level up and earn new gear to customize their heroes.