Todd Glass’s heart attack hasn’t slowed him down.

The cerebral, often combative comedian, best known for calling out idiots on two seasons of “Last Comic Standing,” made a surprise appeareace Wednesday at Royal Comedy Theatre, one night before his scheduled four-night stint at the intimate Hopkins club.

Despite collapsing backstage 8 years ago due to blocked arteries, the entertainer hasn’t pulled back on his take-no-prisoners approach, turning various shades of pink as he tore apart everyone from Kmart executives to a young woman in the front row who dared to pull out her cell phone.

If Lewis Black is a 10 on the volume scale, Glass is a 13.

“I was worried about that, too,” Glass said after the show when I asked him about his ticker. “I quit smoking. I take my Lipitor. My doctor said I’m fine on stage, especially if I keep doing the material he agrees with.”

Glass, who is performing with a three-piece band, may be a hothead on stage, but he clearly has deep affection for old-school comedy, demanding cheesy intros, spinning his mike and breaking into dead-on impressions of Rodney Dangerfield.

The host of “The Todd Glass Show,” which has been rated the #1 podcast by the Podcasters Assocation of America since its 2011 debut, is arguably the biggest name Royal will bring in this year – but tickets are still available.

Visit to catch the tirade. Just remember to bring earplugs