How much does landscaping cost? Angie’s List asked landscapers about the most popular projects they offer in various price ranges:

What can I get for $50?

Even at this price range there are a few tasks you can hire a pro to tackle.

Dan Eyre, owner of Dan’s Landscape and Tree Service in Cypress, Calif., says $50 will cover the cost of programming a sprinkler’s timer and an operational once-over.

Other options include a flat of seasonal spring flowers, such as begonias, planted and mulched by a landscaper.

What can I get for $500?

Scott McIntyre, owner of Landscape Solutions in Los Gatos, Calif., says he typically charges a minimum of $500 for irrigation troubleshooting, repair services or other miscellaneous landscaping work that takes around eight man hours.

In this price range, Green Meadows Landscaping in Lewisville, Texas, would provide: nine applications of a fertilization and weed control program; lawn mowed, trimmed and edged weekly for four months, for the average half-acre lot; a 3-D design of your landscape plan.

What can I get for $5,000?

Mick Johnson, owner of Johnson Creek in St. Paul, says homeowners with this kind of budget can expect a wide variety of finished projects, including patios and retaining walls.

The type of patio or wall, materials and size all play into the final cost.

Another option is revamping a home’s front foundation landscape, which involves removing most — if not all — of the debris and plants already in the beds. Then those beds are reshaped and given a new planting palette to complement the home, increasing its overall curb appeal.

“Each project we work on is as unique as the homeowner and their house,” Johnson says. “So it’s difficult to place a hard-and-fast cost on a custom landscape.”

Eyre says this budget will get a homeowner a complete irrigation system in both the front and backyards, including a new timer, valves, heads and also the installation of 1,000 square feet of sod.

Other options our landscaping experts mentioned include: water features, privacy and border plantings, perennial gardens, landscape lighting, arbors and trellis work.


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