Several dogs in a Lakeville neighborhood were injured over the past few days after eating open safety pins, pills, screws and other items hidden in bits of food.

Residents south of Lake Marion discovered pieces of hot dog in their yards containing the dangerous items, as well as balls of steel wool smeared with peanut butter and stuffed with pins and pills.

There have been some tragedies.

Eleven screws and three open safety pins were surgically removed from Lindsay Perez’s two small dogs after they were hospitalized Saturday evening.

Another dog died when it was taken for a walk in the neighborhood Sunday. Police are still investigating that death and do not know whether it was the result of eating harmful materials, Lakeville Police Lt. Bill Gerl said. X-rays did not show any foreign objects that would have caused the dog’s death, according to police.

Police did not have a suspect or full count of injured dogs early Monday afternoon, said Gerl, who asked that anyone with information call Detective Mike Lamm at 952-985-4822.

Jessie Van Berkel