Not too much news on the Twins front this morning. Haven't seen many club officials around the hotel, which means they are in meetings or negotiating a blockbuster deal. (kidding, sort of).

If the Twins do make any moves this week chances are it will be signing a free agent. Their best trade chip, Denard Span has been played. Their next best trade chip is outfielder Josh Willingham, and it doesn't appear that the Twins are serious about dealing him.

I keep getting e-mails about the Twins trading Justin Morneau. Don't see it.

He's coming off a concussion and surgeries in 2011. He batted .267 with 19 homers and 77 RBI last season. He also struck out a career high 102 times and was shut down the final week of the season with a sore wrist. HOW MUCH TRADE VALUE DO YOU THINK THIS MAN HAS??? Oh, and he's making $14 million next season.

I expect Morneau to remain a Twin - with a good chance of having a good season.

Some quick hits:

Baltimore, in addition to the Twins, are interested in righthander Brett Myers as a starter.

The few people I've talked to here really like the Twins' trade for Alex Meyer.

Ran into new Marlins manager Mike Redmond. Despite his team being gutted he's fired up about next season. And yes, he's holding a spot on his staff open for when Nick Punto retires.

Took the shuttle from the airport to the hotel with the great Tommy John. Man, can he tell stories. He spoke fondly of the years he worked in the broadcast booth doing Twins games.

Gotta run to a meeting. Will check back when I can.

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