The calvary has arrived! Danny Santana, Kennys Vargas, Eric Fryer, A.J. Achter and Michael Tonkin have arrived to bolster the Twins' drive to the postseason.

O.K., that's a little thick, but manager Paul Molitor now has late-inning options. The Twins' pinch hitting has been horrible this season, so at least the Twins can run someone up there who can run into one and send it over the fence.

With Achter and Tonkin they have a couple relievers who can pitch when the team is trailing in games, allowing Molitor to save his experienced arms to protect leads.

And a few more call-ups are expected once Rochester and Chattanooga are done.

I don't expect Jose Berrios to be called up because of his career- high 161 innings pitched. The Twins likely will take a big-picture approach with him. The only chance he has at coming up is as a reliever, but the sense I got from GM Terry Ryan was that he didn't want to put Berrios, a starter his entire career, in an unfamiliar situation while they are trying to win a wild card slot.

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