USA Today has a database of NFL players known to have been arrested since 2000. The Vikings have more than any team since then (through Oct. 2):

48 Vikings

47 Denver

43 Cincinnati

36 Tampa Bay, Tennessee

34 Indianapolis, Jacksonville

33 Cleveland

31 Chicago, Kansas City

30 Miami

26 Baltimore, San Diego

25 New Orleans

24 Pittsburgh, Seattle, San Francisco

21 Carolina, Green Bay, Oakland, Washington

20 Arizona, Atlanta, New England

19 Buffalo, N.Y Jets

18 Detroit

17 Dallas, Philadelphia

16 N.Y. Giants

14 St. Louis/Los Angeles

13 Houston

USA Today disclaimer: These are arrests, charges and citations of NFL players for crimes more serious than common traffic violations. The data comes from media reports and public records. It cannot be considered fully complete because records of some player arrests might not have been found for various reasons, including lack of media coverage or accessible public records.