American's new luggage perk

American Airlines has joined Delta Air Lines and US Airways in offering free real-time online luggage tracking for checked bags, allowing customers to determine where their bag is — from check-in counter to baggage carousel pickup. Fliers can go to, click on "track your bags" and input a last name and record locator or bag-tag number. The site will return information on six bag-scan touch points.

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Delta rides a streak

On Sept. 25, Delta marked 100 straight days of completing all scheduled flights without a cancellation, a record for the carrier. During the period, Delta flew nearly 800,000 flights, carrying 113 million passengers. Los Angeles Times

Travel trend

'Star Wars' coming to theme parks, planes

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" won't open until December, but already its droids, Jedis and Stormtroopers are flooding the travel world via new "Star Wars" theme park attractions and custom jets. Disney will build "Star Wars"-themed areas at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. At 14 acres each, the "Star Wars" lands will feature two signature attractions, a ride based on the Millennium Falcon, and an "experience" that places visitors in a space battle between the First Order and the Resistance. Construction begins in 2016. The two parks will also refresh their existing Star Tours, featuring characters and locations from the new film, later this year. Meanwhile in the air, the Japanese airline ANA will launch three planes bearing the likenesses of R2-D2 and another robot, and promises more "Star Wars" theming inside, including possibly headrest covers, paper napkins and cups.

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Hotel Hotspots

Marijuana resort to open in South Dakota

The Santee Sioux tribe of Flandreau, S.D., plans to open the nation's first marijuana resort on its reservation, growing their own pot and selling it in a smoking lounge that includes a nightclub, arcade games, bar and food service, and eventually, slot machines and an outdoor music venue. The project, according to the tribe, could generate up to $2 million a month in profit. Work is underway on the growing facility. The first joints are expected to go on sale Dec. 31 at a New Year's Eve party. The legalization of marijuana on the Santee Sioux land came in June, after the Justice Department outlined a new policy that allows Indian tribes to grow and sell marijuana.

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deal of the week

A powerful way to save in the Bahamas

Breezes Resort & Spa Bahamas is offering a $100 discount to guests whose names appear on the 2015 National Hurricane Center's list of storms. The names are Ana, Bill (William), Claudette, Danny (Daniel), Erika, Fred (Frederick), Grace, Henri, Ida, Joaquin, Kate (Katherine), Larry (Lawrence), Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam (Samuel or Samantha), Teresa, Victor and Wanda. The resort is on Cable Beach in Nassau. Book and stay by Nov. 30; the deal requires a five-night minimum stay. Book the hurricane deal by phone at 1-877-273-3937. For more information, go to

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