World’s best hotel for cheap

Siem Reap, Cambodia, is famous for the amazing Angkor Wat complex. It now has another famous moment with Viroth’s Hotel being named the best hotel in the world in TripAdvisor’s 2018 Travelers’ Choice Awards. Making this all the more amazing is that when we checked for a mid-September visit, we found the hotel’s most expensive lodging — a Suite Pool View — was just $173 a night, and that included breakfast and internet and all taxes and service charges. The Nantucket Hotel & Resort in Nantucket, Mass., was tabbed best hotel in the U.S. For the same September dates, a king suite with ocean view was $678 a night plus an 11.7 percent city tax. See all the rankings at

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NAACP drops ban

The NAACP has lifted its nine-month travel advisory against American Airlines, after determining that the company has made “substantial” progress in addressing concerns of mistreatment of black passengers. Since the NAACP issued its warning to African-Americans last October after receiving complaints of discrimination, American has begun implementing a series of changes to examine and overhaul how it trains employees and treats customers, the company said. Among the steps: launching a companywide training on implicit bias, conducting an independent analysis of where the company falls short on diversity and inclusion measures, overhauling how it investigates customer complaints of discrimination, and making it easier for its own employees to report concerns. “We appreciate that they stepped up and are now pursuing an aggressive course of action to address the concerns that we raised,” said Derrick Johnson, president and chief executive of the NAACP.

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Pueblo community

Continuously inhabited for more than 1,000 years, the remarkable community of Taos Pueblo in New Mexico remains a pristine example of American Indian culture, tradition and architecture. UNESCO makes note of the Pueblo Indians’ ability to retain meaningful and long held traditions despite pressure from the outside world. Close to 1,900 Pueblo Indians still live full or part time within the community, in homes made of adobe bricks, vigas and latillas. Take a walking tour of the area and uncover a rich history, view native arts and crafts and observe a way of life rarely glimpsed in our otherwise high-tech world (

Global Scavenger Hunt scales down

The Global Scavenger Hunt is launching a shorter version of its international travel adventure. The abbreviated version will be held this fall and take place over 15 days rather than the 23-day global event. It also will visit at least four countries on one continent rather than the 10 countries on multiple continents in the larger adventure. The aim will be the same, though, with the 12 teams of two not knowing what countries they’ll go to and having to participate in scavenger hunts once they arrive. The cost is $7,450 per person, which includes all international airfare, first-class hotels, 40 percent of meals and special event-related travel gear. Single travelers may apply. Find details at

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