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Sen. Amy Klobuchar -> Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg   "As you know on Monday, Facebook partnered with a child protection agency to create a "panic button" application for users in the United Kingdom… research has shown that one in four American teenagers have been victims of a cyber predator… Is it feasible for Facebook to require a prominent safety button or link on the profile pages of users under the age of 18?  What barriers prevent Facebook from incorporating such a safety button (in the USA)?"
8 hours ago

Facebook -> Sen. Amy Klobuchar   "We share Sen. Klobuchar’s concern for Internet safety… Facebook offers reporting links throughout the site and we believe the “Help” links on every page provide an effective mechanism for people to reach our Safety Center, which is featured prominently on the landing page...
The ClickCEOP application, which was launched by CEOP in the UK this week, is not a “panic button.” The app provides links to CEOP’s educational resources and reporting pages."
About 3 hours ago

Parry Aftab (an Internet safety expert)   “Keeping teens safe online isn’t about panic, it’s about education and empowerment... I know firsthand the lengths that Facebook goes to promote a trusted online environment. I am hopeful that I can explain to the Senator the impact Facebook has had in connecting Minnesotans safely."

Berin Szoka (on The Technology Liberation Front)   "Unfortunately, Klobuchar’s letter ... engages in blatant fear-mongering."

Sen. Amy Klobuchar   "While Facebook does provide users with a "Help" page that includes links to safety resources, the safety information unfortunately requires clicking though multiple pages to arrive at Facebook’s safety center... Child protection experts tell me that if a reporting mechanism is not easy to find and use, kids won’t use it."
About an hour ago


Facebook -> Sen. Amy Klobuchar   "We offer prominent "report" buttons on every single piece of content on Facebook -- from Web links, videos, and photos to Facebook Pages and Profiles. The Safety Center is also prominently placed on our Help Page, which is one click away from any other page on Facebook."
10 minutes ago via e-mail

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