As the quarterback of a team that underachieved in 2018 and as the owner of an $84 million guaranteed contract, Kirk Cousins has become one of the most polarizing figure in Minnesota sports.

It comes with the territory, the position and the contract. The torch was passed nicely from Joe Mauer after he retired, and the only reason I couched the last paragraph with "one of" is that Andrew Wiggins exists.

As such, there is a general level of awfulness associated with Cousins' social media accounts.

That brings us to Monday evening, when Cousins made a casual observation about the weather: "In 2010, I was mad at @KingJames for leaving Cleveland … but I've been in Miami for a total of 5 min and now I totally understand."

Some folks understood that, yeah, it's nicer in Miami in mid-February than it is in Minnesota. Others? They took it as a sign that Cousins wants out of here.

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