Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins turned 30 on Sunday, which is the age you turn when you think you’re getting old but really you aren’t.

Nonetheless, it’s a milestone birthday. When my wife turned 30, we rented out the 7th Street Entry for a private karaoke party. It remains one of the greatest achievements of our lives.

Cousins, though, is kind of new to town. He also seems like a pretty laid-back guy outside of football. So what did he do on his birthday? Well, the night before, after the Vikings played Jacksonville, he went to eat at Portillo’s and violated about 37 parts of his diet (which is totally worth it).

Beyond that?

“(I) just kind of sat around on Sunday on my birthday,” Cousins said Wednesday. “As we were leaving the other night and the coaches said, ‘Quarterbacks, can you stay? Do you have anywhere to be?’ I looked at him and said, ‘I have no life here. I am here to play football for the Minnesota Vikings. I don’t have a whole lot else going on. You let me know. I’ll be here.’ I found that to be true on my birthday as well. I sit around, I have the free time but I don’t really know what to do. I haven’t really built that much of a life here yet so it was kind of funny.”

Kind of funny but also a little sad. Maybe circle next Aug. 19, 2019 on your calendar. Don’t let Cousins sit around the house. Go find him and make sure he’s properly celebrating 31 since his 30th fell during the period where he is a football-playing robot for the Vikings.

Also: Be sure to listen to the new Access Vikings podcast, which just went live earlier this afternoon.

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