Jerry Kill was particularly lively and upbeat at his weekly press conference on Tuesday, which is probably no surprise given the Gophers' 1-0 record.
      The coach said he noticed the same attitude in his players, too, during last Thursday's 30-27 triple-overtime win in Las Vegas. Even when UNLV took a lead on Minnesota, even when the Rebels scored touchdowns on their first two overtime drives, the Gophers never developed a "here we go again" feeling on the sideline. "Last year, that's all I saw," Kill said.
     The Gophers had a good practice on Monday, he said, and are well along in preparing for Saturday morning's home opener against New Hampshire. They lost receiver Jamel Harbison to a knee injury during the game, but the Gophers came through the game otherwise healthy.
     We'll have more coverage of the Gophers in Wednesday's Star Tribune.

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