Kia has Soul

Kia Motors America recently revealed the North American debut of the all-new and highly anticipated Soul passenger vehicle. This is the newest product offering to join the company's line-up. As Motor Matters reports on its website, Soul's "bold and edgy design is indicative of the new Kia design theme, with more package and styling combinations than any previous Kia vehicle. With Soul's arrival as an early model year 2010 vehicle, it allows youth and young-at-heart buyers to have the freedom to truly personalize and emotionally connect with their vehicle." No word yet on price.

Creative change of pace

These are tough economic times in the auto industry. So, as the Dallas Morning News recently reported, one creative auto dealer in Texas is converting his former new-car operation to a used-car superstore. It's a stylish 45,000-square-foot showroom for Ford-Lincoln-Mercury, and features a second floor for office and training facilities, a cafe and a separate sales area for Internet customers.

Broaden your view

The debate about how one's sideview mirror should be adjusted rages on. As Motor Matters advises on its website, if you adjust your sideview mirrors to include the side of your car, then you're adjusting it wrong! To expand your view, lean against the driver-side window and then adjust the driver-side mirror to include the edge of the car. Then lean into the middle of the car and once again adjust the passenger-side mirror so you can see the edge of the car. By doing this, you have widened your field of vision. You will be able to see vehicles that are on your outer perimeter, the blind spot.