I’m just going to copy and past a little press release magic for y’all:

Saxx Underwear is proud to announce they are teaming up withprofessional basketball playerKevin Love. Theforwardis a three-time All-Star and Olympic goldmedalist who holds the NBA's longest standingstreak for recording double figuresin consecutive games. As Love embarks upon another season to bring an NBA championship to Cleveland, he will be featured in SAXXUnderwear's 2016 global brand campaign and collaborate on product development and design.

“First, SAXX underwear are the most comfortable lifestyle underwear I've ever worn,” said Kevin. “I’m happy to be with a brand that is made for guysthat lead casual, activelives,and I am looking forward togrowing the relationship.”

If anyone can define “lifestyle underwear” for me, I’d love to hear it.

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