Kelcey Carlson is slowly becoming the face of Fox 9 News. The Indiana native has just joined Randy Meier at the desk for "Fox 9's 10 at 10," a newscast that Meier previously anchored alone.

Carlson will continue to co-anchor the 6 p.m. broadcast with Meier as well as the 9 p.m. show with Jeff Passolt.

"Our 10 p.m. news has a solid tradition of getting the viewers the top stories of the day without wasting any of their time," said Carlson, who came to the Twin Cities in 2014 after a decade of working in North Carolina. "I'm proud to be a part of this team."

Not that Carlson can do everything. She's given up her seat for the 5 p.m. news broadcast; Amy Hockert has taken her place.