Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's tour of Capitol Hill made its way to Sen. Al Franken's office today, where she met with the senator and posed for photos.

Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the photo op conversation touched on such controversial legal topics as whether Al Franken is a lawyer or just played one on television (it's the latter). He's not alone in the random banter: Amy Klobuchar discussed Paul Bunyan with Kagan when she stopped by last week.

Franken's meeting was followed by a brief and rather mild statement from his office.

“I enjoyed my meeting with Elena Kagan very much. I found her substantive and engaging. I was impressed by her remarkable career and it’s clear she would bring some much-needed variety to the court. We had a great, lengthy conversation about many areas of law, the confirmation process, and her views on the role of the Supreme Court.”