Above: Tesla cars for rent. 

Just in time for the out-of-town Super Bowl crowd, a Tesla rental station has popped up at the Mall of America.

A temporary rental stand for Trevls Tesla Rentals was placed in the mall outside the Nordstrom store two weeks ago with plans for a permanent location elsewhere in the mall after the Super Bowl, said branch manager Kayla Bratts. 

Business has been steady for rentals, she said. Others who pass by, stop to gawk or gently swipe their hand along the shiny red Model S on display. 

“A lot of people are just curious,” she said. 

The luxury electric cars can be rented for $75 an hour, $195 a day or $995 a week. And for those who want to own, the starting price for the Model S is $75,000 and the $100,000 for the SUV X Model.

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