Pick of the week: You can’t always trust the Brave New Workshop’s titles. Often the shows begin with a skit or two based on the title, then spin off. But “The Working Dead” never varies from its mission to poke fun at offices and the dysfunctional culture they breed. Look for the riotous “West Side Story”-inspired faceoff over a double-booked conference room and the bit about people who come to work sick (the titular working dead). (612-332-6620, bravenewworkshop.com.)


Day by day: Thursday is National Mario Day, named after the video game hero introduced in “Donkey Kong.” It’s his day because the abbreviation Mar. 10 looks like Mario — if you’ve spent a lot of time squinting at video games. And the arrival of daylight saving time costs us an hour of sleep Saturday night that we won’t get back until November.


Cheat sheet: “Downton Abbey” wrapped up Sunday, so there will be angst-ridden fans today. In case you didn’t watch the show but want to appear sympathetic, remember:

• It’s not “Downtown Abbey,” although that would have set up the spin­offs “Uptown Abbey,” “Midtown Abbey” and “Crosstown Abbey.”

• Although the TV series is dead, there’s talk of a movie.

• Nothing on TV ever dies completely these days.

End the conversation by saying “and the Dowager still doesn’t know what a weekend is.”


Life hack: Nutritionists may disdain Doritos, but did you know they can save your life? They don’t have many vitamins and minerals, but they’re flammable. If you’re ever lost in the woods, try lighting a fire with an asparagus sprig and see how far you get.


The hole truth: Another upshot of the mild winter is a kinder, gentler pothole season, Mike Kennedy of the Minneapolis Public Works Department told the Star Tribune’s Tim Harlow. Still, we never get away pothole-free. To report problem areas in Minneapolis, go to www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/publicworks/traffic/traffic_pothole. In St. Paul, send an e-mail to potholes@ci.stpaul.mn.us. Please don’t do either while driving.


Recommended reading: Sensory deprivation tanks, which were all the rage in the ’80s, are making a comeback. Check them out in Saturday’s Variety section.