Media covering court hearings related to Prince’s estate may be allowed to use audiovisual equipment or use sketch artists on a case-by-case basis, a Carver County judge ruled Wednesday.

The order by Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide is a reponse to objections this summer by media outlets, including the Star Tribune, after Eide ruled to prohibit recording at a June 27 hearing and also to seal certain documents.

“The Court has no general objection to the use of audio and video recording equipment or sketch artists in the courtroom,” Eide wrote. But because the case involves paternity issues and a witness might object to recordings, “the Court will not issue a blanket order permitting recording equipment or sketch artists.”

Eide’s order also ruled out holding hearings every time the special administrator of the estate and other interested parties file documents under seal.

Eide wrote that Bremer Trust, the court-appointed administrator, has an interest in keeping business negotiations confidential as it seeks to maximize the estate’s value.

“The Court’s decisions to seal such documents have been made to protect ongoing negotiations on behalf of the Estate and support the Special Administrator in performing its fiduciary duty,” he wrote. “Where and when appropriate, the Court will consider unsealing documents or portions thereof if the circumstances warranting their initial sealing no longer exist.”