Joni Mitchell is still suffering from the effects of an an aneurysm, according to longtime friend David Crosby.

“To my knowledge, she is not speaking yet. She is home, she is in care, she is in recovery. How that’s going to go, we don’t know yet. She took a terrible hit. She had an aneurysm, and nobody found her for a while,” Crosby told HuffPost Live. “And she’s going to have to struggle back from it the way you struggle back from a traumatic brain injury.”

“She’s a tough girl. And very smart,” Crosby continued. “So how much she’s going to come back and when, I don’t know and I’m not going to guess.”


Crosby also praised Mitchell for her musical talent. “I love her. She was my old lady at one point. She’s probably the best of us — probably the greatest living singer-songwriter. … We’re all holding our breath and thinking a good thought, hoping that it’s going to turn out okay,” he said.

According to the most recent update on Mitchell’s official website from April 28, a “full recovery is expected” after Mitchell was hospitalized in March when she was found unconscious in her home.


“As we all know, Joni is a strong-willed woman and is nowhere near giving up the fight,” the statement read. “Please continue to keep Joni in your thoughts.”

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