Early in October, novelist Jonathan Franzen (above, photo by Jakub Mosur) had his eyeglasses swiped right off his face at a book party in London. The month ended on a higher note, as Franzen stopped by the White House Oct. 25 for a visit with President Obama. His meet-and-great with the POTUS was "delightful," Franzen told ABC News' Jake Tapper.

The two made headlines in August when Obama procured a pre-publication copy of Franzen's new novel, "Freedom," while Obama was vacationing on Martha's Vineyard.

Franzen appeared in St. Paul Sept. 21 as part of Talking Volumes. For a Star Tribune story about the writing of "Freedom," go here. For a recent video interview with Franzen, go here. Esquire magazine imagined the White House meeting here.



Nicole Krauss / Photo by Kelly Guenther for Star Tribune

Nicole Krauss appears Thursday night (Oct. 28) as the second Talking Volumes guest this season. Since we profiled her in the Star Tribune, Krauss was nominated for a National Book Award for her new novel, "Great House." A few walkup seats remain available for the event at the Fitzgerald Theater in downtown St. Paul.

Talking Volumes continues this fall with appearances at the Fitz by Nora Ephron (Nov. 17) and Anita Shreve (Dec.8).