Post time: 12:45 p.m. Best bet: Hold For More (8th Race). Best plays: 50 cent—Pick 4, Race 3, (All/2,3,4,7,8,9/3/5,6,7), $63 and 50 cent—Pick 4, Race 7, (4,6,7,8/7/2,4,5,6,8/1,5,7,8), $40.

1 350 Yards. Open. 2-year-olds. Allowance. Purse: $14,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Dashing Good Reason (Eikleberry, Harris)122/3-1

2: Charged Up Corona (Golibrzuch, Miller)122/8-1

3: Corona Medal Jess (Luark, Olmstead)122/6-1

4: No Regrets Here (Smith, Olmstead)122/7-5

5: Streak N Diamonds (Torres, Haglund)122/4-1

6: Six Chicks Moon (Swiontek, Harris)122/8-1

NO REGRETS HERE speed numbers stand out over his challengers and appears the one to beat. STREAK N DIAMONDS won last out after a bumpy start. DASHING GOOD REASON reunites with jockey Ry Eikleberry who engineered the lone win two back.

2 250 Yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance. Purse: $18,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Coronas Concierge (Smith, Olmstead)124/10-1

2: Lika Nightmare (Delorme, Miller)126/10-1

3: Ricky Seperate (Goodwin, Hybsha)126/9-2

4: Defiant Red Rooster (Torres, Charette-Hill)124/2-1

5: Red Velvet Hero (Suarez Ricardo, Hanson)124/5-2

6: Tucan Sam (Richard, Kane)126/15-1

7: Misty River Dancer (Beaty, Weidner)124/15-1

8: Readi to Be Famous (Swiontek, Hanson)126/6-1

DEFIANT RED ROOSTER won last out as the favorite and has beaten most of today’s combatants. RED VELVET HERO and RICKY SEPERATE are the main threats to the Rooster and could upset with snappy breaks in this football field sprint.

3 About 1⅜ Miles. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $10,000. Purse: $17,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: I Am Awesome (Franco, Rengstorf)119/6-1

2: Born Force (Richard, Donlin)119/8-1

3: Limeshare (Lopez, Jr., Riggs)119/9-2

4: Stoney Fleece (Eikleberry, O’Callaghan)119/4-1

5: Sir Searsucker (Delorme, McFarlane)119/2-1

6: Seven Tuff (Goncalves, Bolinger)119/9-2

7: God Of War (Sanchez, LaVanway)119/10-1

STONEY FLEECE stretches out as possible lone factor on the front end in hopes of stealing this race at probable double digits. I AM AWESOME returns to the sod where the 10 year old does his best running, most likely escorting the pace for first crack at pace setter. SEVEN TUFF exits a nice win while flying five wide late and getting up in time.

4 About 7½ Furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming: $16,000. Purse: $22,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Citron Kid (Butler, Brinson)119/5-1

2: Bernie the Jet (L. Goncalves, Ledgess)123/6-1

3: Ragged Edge (Escobar, Rhone)119/8-1

4: Sound Effect (Vergara, Diodoro)123/9-2

5: Affirmed Cure (Eikleberry, Peters)119/20-1

6: Wildcat Moon (Becerra, LaVanway)123/12-1

7: Gentle as a Breeze (Velazquez, Berndt)119/7-2

8: Why Frank (Richard, Oliver)121/8-1

9: Callingahardten (Franco, Chambers)119/4-1

RAGGED EDGE drops to new career low after failing to hit the board in last 10 efforts, class relief might be what the doctor ordered. GENTLE BREEZE is as consistent and talented as they come with hitting the board in all four starts this summer including a couple of wins. CALLINGAHARDTEN enters with back to back wins as the favorite but faces his tougher foes today. Good betting race with many ways to go.

5 5½ Furlongs. Open. 2 Year Olds. Stakes. Purse: $40,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Ez Deluxe (Franco, McFarlane)122/10-1

2: Straight From Iowa (Becerra, LaVanway)116/15-1

3: Stormation (Carreno, Diodoro)122/3-5

4: Chestnut Johnny (Goncalves, Biehler)120/4-1

5: Cake Baby (Vergara, Diodoro)117/9-2

6: Shooters Alley (Velazquez, Litfin)120/12-1

STORMATION is undefeated in both starts and is coming out of a demanding live heat leading the field to the wire, one of a few short prices on today’s card who will be tough to beat. Stablemate CAKE BABY, will loom the late closing threat if meltdown occurs on the stretch run. CHESTNUT JOHNNY will be prompting the pace and within striking range to the heavy favorite, exits nice driving win in his debut.

6 11⁄16 Miles. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Stakes. Purse: $40,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Alvear (Velazquez, Scherer)118/9-2

2: Beyond Compare (Eikleberry, Scherer)118/5-1

3: Evansville Storm (Carreno, Shaw)118/6-1

4: Moon Gun (Sanchez, Ledgess)118/15-1

5: Red Zeus (Franco, McFarlane)120/5-2

6: Diamond Joe (Butler, Turco)118/6-1

7: At My Discretion (Goncalves, Lund)118/3-1

RED ZEUS has been thunder on the turf against much tougher and will be extremely tough to fend off flying from the clouds. AT MY DISCRETION is strictly the one to catch to get the win as jockey Goncalves will dictate the pace as leisurely as he can. DIAMOND JOE and BEYOND COMPARE are expected to unleash strong stretch runs.

7 1 Mile 70 Yards. State-bred. Fillies. 3 Year Olds. Stakes. Purse: $80,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: North Sky (Eikleberry, Rhone)122/10-1

2: More Mona More (Richard, Thompson)117/15-1

3: Yes It’s Wild (Carreno, Rhone)122/6-1

4: Sioux Appeal (Goncalves, Robertson)122/8-1

5: P J’s Angel (Goodwin, Scherer)122/8-1

6: Captains Glory (Franco, Litfin)122/10-1

7: Silver Magna (Velazquez, Biehler)122/5-2

8: Shaboom (Butler, Robertson)122/3-1

9: Strength N Beauty (Sanchez, Robertson)122/15-1

10: Foxy Felicity (Nolan, Scherer)117/15-1

SILVER MAGNA pulled the upset over SHABOOM last effort after stalking the heavy favorite before taking over and driving away, reprise of that performance makes her my top pick in the Minnesota Oaks. Shaboom can rebound and has been freshened up since with some quick drills. SIOUX APPEAL and CAPTAINS GLORY merit some respect but might be best used for the minor awards.

8 1 Mile 70 Yards. State-bred. Open. 3 Year Olds. Stakes. Purse: $80,000

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Chris Mars (Escobar, Rhone)122/12-1

2: Valet (Swiontek, Livingston)122/15-1

3: Steviefromstanley (Goncalves, Thompson)122/4-1

4: Somerset Jackson (Hernandez, Donlin)122/20-1

5: Plenty of Sun (Franco, Lund)122/10-1

6: Bold Entry (Carreno, Bravo)122/15-1

7: Hold for More (Butler, Bravo)122/4-5

8: Keith’s Legacy (Sanchez, Rengstorf)122/8-1

9: Somerset Bear (Delorme, Rhone)117/20-1

HOLD FOR MORE appears to be the cream of the crop in the Minnesota Derby with his commanding wins last two out in stake races. All starts have been sprinting but getting the added furlongs shouldn’t be a problem. STEVIEFROMSTANLEY is lone entrant who has competed at today’s distance on the main track, failed as the chalk last out losing the head bob. KEITH’S LEGACY returns to the dirt after turf experiment didn’t go as plan, expect to be running late from mid pack.

9 1 Mile 70 Yards. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden Claiming: $6,250. Purse: $10,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Starship Omega (Nolan, Herb)123/10-1

2: Sampson County (Goncalves, Keen)123/2-1

3: Ready’s Gamble (P. Canchari, Berndt)118/12-1

4: First to Fight (Eikleberry, Silva)118/6-1

5: Flying Open (Butler, Keen)123/7-2

6: Hartford Road (Delorme, McFarlane)118/6-1

7: Run Hard Rhubarb (Willey, Lund)113/20-1

8: Real Windy (Vergara, Van Winkle)118/9-2

SAMPSON COUNTY returns to the track after a month and a half absence for the Keen stable, training steadily for return and could prove tough opponent if returns to previous form. Keen’s other entry FLYING OPEN, jumps off the turf after failing to fire, but have to take notice getting jockey Dean Butler to take the mount. REAL WINDY has good early speed and will try to shake loose from the group as lone pace setter.

10 1 Mile 70 Yards. State-bred. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden Claiming: $10,000. Purse: $12,500

#: Horse, Jockey, TrainerWt./Odds

1: Captain of Summer (Carreno, Diodoro)118/5-2

2: Regal Rival (Delorme, Pfeifer)118/10-1

3: Chocolate I Scream (Nolan, Bethke)123/12-1

4: Stags Final Answer (Becerra, Sheehan)123/15-1

5: Triple Threat (Butler, Rhone)118/2-1

6: Demis Lil’ Star (P. Canchari, L. Canchari)123/20-1

7: Tahkodha Royale (Goncalves, Sheehan)118/9-2

8: Supremo’s Rebel (Sanchez, Kane)123/5-1

TRIPLE THREAT takes significant drop in class coming off the turf with decent tactical speed, versatile gelding has been beaten favorite last two out, but should get perfect setup today for the win. CAPTAIN OF SUMMER is strictly the one to catch to get the win but has faded to second in last two spins, eligible to hold on with ground saving rail trip drawing the one hole. TAHKODHA ROYALE got up for third last out with late rally for his first career pay day in the top three spots.