Post time: 12:45 p.m. Best bet: A P Is Loose (7th race). Best play: 50-cent, Pick 4 (7th), (2/All/3,4,6,7,8/2,4)

1 300 yards. State bred maidens. 2-year-olds. Purse $13,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Givinitalittleeffort (Montoya, Hardy)122/15-1

2: Its Crunch Tyme (Martinez, Olmstead)122/8-5

3: Td Cartel Express (Delorme, McKinley)122/12-1

4: Ima Blazin Hombre (Smith, Johnson)122/3-1

5: Tr Titan (Clark, Livingston)122/15-1

6: Gramma Alice (Swiontek, Livingston)122/15-1

7: One Rare Ivory (Velazquez, Olmstead)122/4-1

8: Inclined to Dash (Cruz, Johnson)122/8-1

ITS CRUNCH TIME has been second-best twice in three career starts. IMA BLAZIN HOMBRE ran a respectable first effort to be a legit player here. INCLINED TO DASH was placed third last out after being forced wide in midstretch.

2 440 yards. Challenge Stakes. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Purse $65,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Racy Casanova (Velazquez, Olmstead)126/15-1

2: Spirit Or Dash (Cruz, Campos)124/30-1

3: Famous Bank (Esqueda, Perez)126/8-1

4: There Goes My Wallet (Valero, Willis)124/6-1

5: Macgyver Moonflash (Tapia, Campos)124/20-1

6: Ajs High (Smith, Hunt)126/2-5

7: Fantsy Pants (Montoya, Weidner)126/15-1

8: Fiftyshadezofgrey (Packer, Black)126/12-1

AJS HIGH comes in with three consecutive graded stakes wins. THERE GOES MY WALLET drew away from the field in last. FAMOUS BANK could slip in for minor awards.

3 400 yards. Distaff Challenge Stakes. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Purse $30,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Political Nonsense (Montoya, Hardy)126/12-1

2: Send Me This Wagon (Clark, Charette-Hill)126/4-1

3: Cartel Dakota (Velazquez, Olmstead)124/20-1

4: My Girls Toasted (Goodwin, Pride)126/10-1

5: Bye Bye Birdy (Smith, Black)126/7-2

6: Cartel Rosie (Valero, Willis)126/3-1

7: Bad Girl Phase (Pinon, Willies)124/20-1

8: Fortune in a Wagon (Torres, Charette-Hill)126/5-1

9: Splishsplash (Clark Jr., Weidner)126/20-1

10: Blacks Cartel (Cruz, Black)124/15-1

11: Volcom Star (Swiontek, Holdaway)126/30-1

CARTEL ROSIE is multiple winner and has slight class edge. SEND ME THIS WAGON was bumped early and often last out and never recovered. BYE BYE BIRDY and FORTUNE IN A WAGON deserve a look.

4 5 furlongs. State bred fillies. 2-year-olds. Maiden special weight. Purse $32,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Blossom Dearie (Goodwin, Scherer)118/8-1

2: Lasoeurcadetecheri (Ramgeet, Rengstorf)118/3-1

3: Lookin Ata Runaway (Mojica, Rengstorf)118/7-2

4: Sidneyscent (Shepherd, Litfin)118/8-1

5: Pinup Girl (Nolan, Sweere)118/12-1

6: Hamesha (Castro, Rampadarat)118/20-1

7: Morning Report (Hernandez, Westermann)118/12-1

8: Flowers for Teagan (Canchari, Litfin)118/6-1

9: Princess Grazia (Butler, Bravo)118/9-2

MORNING REPORT is one of the few contestants with a race under her belt, and a respectable effort. First-time starters worth considering are SIDNEYSCENT, LOOKIN ATA RUNAWAY, and LASOEURCADETECHERI.

5 6½ furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $16,000. Purse $22,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Flashy Jewel (Ramgeet, Diodoro)123/3-1

2: Shemp (Delorme, McKinley)123/10-1

3: Stormy Holiday (McNeil, Broberg)123/2-1

4: Flasha (Carreno, Berndt)123/15-1

5: San Cristo (Canchari, Tracy Jr.)123/12-1

6: Evert (Franco, Scherer)123/5-1

7: Unstoppable Colby (Butler, Diodoro)123/4-1

8: Kenjislucky (Coddington, Fields)123/20-1

EVERT takes significant class drop. Lacks early speed but will be arrive late. FLASHY JEWEL should be dedicated to the front from the start. Stablemate UNSTOPPABLE COLBY cuts back in distance.

6 6 furlongs. State bred fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Maiden claiming $10,000. Purse $11,500.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Blinkersonletherip (Goodwin, Rarick)119/6-1

2: Divine Invention (Ramgeet, Diodoro)119/12-1

3: Valentine Christie (Clark, Sheehan)119/20-1

4: She’s a Genius (Lopez Jr., Hanson)119/15-1

5: Jewel’s Honor (Canchari, Litfin)123/20-1

6: Kitten Edition (Coddington, Diodoro)119/6-1

7: Glitter’s Cupcake (Bethke, Bethke)119/20-1

8: Cup o’Tea for Me (McNeil, Wolff)123/15-1

9: Southern Stream (Butler, Rhone)119/20-1

10: Dot’s Vow (Hernandez, Danger)119/30-1

11: Love Fire (Becerra, Backhaus)119/15-1

12: Demis Romance (Dieguez, Silva)123/30-1

13: Sedona Sky (Franco, Smith)119/3-1

14: Somerset Bing (Mojica, Rhone)123/4-1

SOMERSET BING will come flying late but starts from the far outside post. SEDONA SKY goes from route to sprinting in hopes of turning things around. LOVE FIRE plunges in class with ample early speed and a great name.

7 About 7½ furlongs. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance optional claiming $25,000. Purse $32,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Vanderbilt Beach (Martinez, Rengstorf)119/15-1

2: A P Is Loose (Canchari, Robertson)123/4-1

3: Empire Knight (Butler, Diodoro)119/4-1

4: Two Chance (Delorme, Kirby)119/12-1

5: Mr Leadbox (Mojica, Smith)117/20-1

6: Nym (McNeil, Craddock)119/15-1

7: Speed Is Life (Ramgeet, Oliver)119/20-1

8: Harnersbach (Rosier, Lund)123/15-1

9: Socratical (Goodwin, McFarlane)119/12-1

10: Waronthehomefront (Franco, Biehler)121/7-2

11: Congrats Seattle (Coddington, Diodoro)119/10-1

12: Sassy Moe (Velazquez, Brinson)119/8-1

A P IS LOOSE is coming off his two-length win in the BlairsCove Stakes. Cutback in distance will only help. Expect WARONTHEHOMEFRONT to stay within range. Use EMPIRE KNIGHT and TWO CHANCE on underneath plays.

8 1 mile. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Allowance. Purse $30,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Don’t Claim Me (Mojica, Bolinger)123/10-1

2: Permit to Carry (Goodwin, Silva)123/20-1

3: Flawless Forecast (Rosier, Tubbs)118/8-1

4: The Third Ace (Franco, Riecken)123/10-1

5: Rocket Boss (McNeil, Craddock)123/5-2

6: Sammy’s Mineshaft (Delorme, Padilla)123/2-1

7: Strut N Swagger (Canchari, Oberlander)123/3-1

ROCKET BOSS is talented enough to sit off the expected heated pace and then take command. SAMMY’S MINESHAFT and PERMIT TO CARRY will hook up early and try to hang on.

9 6½ furlongs. Fillies and mares. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $4,000. Purse $10,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Epona Magica (Canchari, Canchari)123/15-1

2: Grandma Connie (McNeil, Hinojosa)123/15-1

3: She’s a Corker (Escobar, Jerdee)123/7-2

4: Strictly Classy (Franco, McFarlane)123/9-5

5: Smoken Bull (Bethke, Danger)123/12-1

6: Bert’slittlesister (Mojica, Bolinger)123/10-1

7: Miss Taylor K (Delorme, Kirby)123/10-1

8: Cantaffordanother (Hernandez, Van Winkle)123/3-1

STRICTLY CLASSY switches surfaces on the class drop. CANTAFFORDANOTHER showed late closing game last out at this level. SHE’S A CORKER is light on winning form but new surroundings might be the answer.

10 1 mile. Open. 3-year-olds and up. Claiming $4,000. Purse $10,000.

#/Horse, Jockey, Trainer Wt./Odds

1: Awesome Year (Clark, Holdaway)123/10-1

2: On Cycle (Goodwin, Rarick)123/8-5

3: Stealyndeewin (Nolan, Riecken)123/12-1

4: Sky City (Velazquez, Rarick)123/5-2

5: Hard Nine (Jimenez, Hartman)123/8-1

6: Senor Tremendo (Delorme, Perez)123/15-1

7: First to Fight (Carreno, Silva)123/15-1

8: Houdini Hill (Coddington, Fields)123/6-1

Trainer Lynn Rarick sends out ON CYCLE and SKY CITY as the two probable favorites. Give slight edge to On Cycle, who has been facing tougher down south. HOUDINI HILL stretches out to two turns second off the layoff.