1. Torii loves being a leader. He spends lots of time talking to Byron Buxton and Aaron Hicks at their adjacent lockers, and pulls hitters out of the cage on the back field to offer tips. One thing he emphasizes is "loading'' weight onto the back leg to generate power.

2. With Hunter and Eddie Guardado back as full-time employees, the clubhouse, deathly quiet for most of the last four springs, is suddenly loud. You hear lots of laughter. Both go out of their way to engage young players.

3. Twins manager Paul Molitor said of pitching prospect Jose Berrios, "He's 20 going on 35.'' Berrios is remarkably fit and polished. He has great stuff. He could rise quickly.

4. Mike Pelfrey looks like he's throwing hard in bullpen sessions. He could fit into the staff as a fifth starter, long man or short reliever. Twins General Manager Terry Ryan calls him "a wonderful guy,'' and appreciates that Pelfrey wants to make good on his contract.

5. Ervin Santana gets to the clubhouse early, stays late, is friendly to all. His reputation as a likeable professional is holding true so far.

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