Jessica Simpson seemed disoriented and dizzy as she slurred her words during an appearance on the Home Shopping Network, and fans were quick to react to her behavior on social media.

The singer-turned-designer joined host Colleen Lopez to sell her “Kiss Me” Super Skinny Gray Jeans. However, viewers were more focused on Simpson’s bizarre behavior, as the 35-year-old told stories of her sister, Ashlee, sharing jeans with her husband Evan Ross.

Twitter erupted with comments from viewers who thought Simpson may have been drunk during the segment.


@eonline She will be horrified when she sobers up and watches this back. Hopefully for Jessica it will be a lesson learned. #JessicaSimpson

– Twyla (@Browneyes_2060) September 18, 2015


Is anyone else watching Jessica Simpson on hsn? Is she wasted? #jessicasimpson — Kristina (@heartstrung) September 18, 2015


My friend just alerted me to Jessica Simpson on HSN…she’s drunk. It’s awesome. #JessicaSimpson #HSN

– ken10 (@heyheyKEN10) September 18, 2015


I’ve never watched @HSN before. Jessica Simpson seems wasted, so this is entertaining. #jessicaonhsn — Erika Rains (@RainsDesign) September 18, 2015


Simpson and stylist Ken Paves launched hair and beauty products on HSN back in 2006. Since then, the singer has ventured into the world of fashion, and created the Jessica Simpson Collection in which she designs and markets handbags, shoes and boots.

Simpson’s odd behavior on the network brings to mind another singer: Mariah Carey. The diva was promoting her collection of jewelry in 2011, but couldn’t stop rambling on about how difficult her life has been.

Watch Simpson on HSN above, then be sure to take a moment to enjoy one of Carey’s craziest moments below.