"Crow Spirit," 2013, by Star Wallowing Bull, image courtesy of Bockley Gallery.

The St. Paul-based Jerome Foundation has given five Minnesota artists $12,000 each in a fellowship program that provides career development opportunities for "emerging artists."  Three professional judges picked the winners from 220 applicants.

During the next year, the grant winners will meet with visiting critics, participate in a group exhibition opening in fall 2016 aMinneapolis College of Art and Design, have their work written about in an exhibition catalogue, and contribute to a panel discussion. 

The fellowship winners are:

Star Wallowing Bull, an Ojibwe-Arapaho from Moorhead, MN, who is widely-known for his lively Pop-style, colored-pencil drawings about Native American life in 21st-century America. A blend of figuration and abstraction, his designs often incorporate political vignettes, historical allusions, contemporary totems, and popular brands. 

Emmett Ramstad, a minimalist sculptor based in the Twin Cities, who collects the daily detritus of ordinary lives (tooth brushes, socks, underwear) and turns it into art "shaped by an interest in queer archival practices." 

Holly Streekstra, another Twin Cities-based sculptor. She frets about subjectivity, common assumptions, "psychic vulnerability," and the routine coping mechanisms that typically enable people to deal with an increasingly troubled world. A 2013 Fulbright Scholar, she plans to build a space for "the inquiring mind at the center of [her] work's message." 

Lindsay Rhyner, a Twin Cities-based creator of multi-media wall hangings. Her concoctions incorporate beads, collage, paint, recycled plastic and used fabric.  

Samual Weinberg, a Twin Cities-based painter who employs paint and collage in ambiguous narrative pictures that often conflate apparently unrelated times, places and incidents.