Next thing you know, Dorothy Hamill will repudiate the wedge. Nothing’s sacred:
There was a time in the mid 1990s when women barraged their hair salons with photos of Jennifer Aniston to copy her haircut.


The layered cut was given the name "The Rachel" for Aniston's character on the "Friends" television series named Rachel Green. She wore the style on the show's first and second season.


One person who was not a fan of "The Rachel," however, was Aniston herself. Aniston describes it as "the ugliest haircut" she's ever seen in the February issue of Allure magazine. In fact, she can't understand how the look caught on.

Because she was pretty and it was the 90s and the idea of looking like the woman over there on the right wasn’t exactly the worst thing that could happen? According to some site I found on the internet:

THE Rachel cut is the most popular hairstyle in British history. More than 10.6 million women copied the style from the Friends character played by sexy Jennifer Aniston.

I don’t know how they came up with that number, and I was unaware England was a hotbed of Rachelism, but rest assured that those dark days are behind us. Everything is perfect now, and there’s not a chance anyone will look back at 2011 and laugh at fashions, color choices, dresses, or hairstyles. We live in an era of stylistic perfection. 

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