Whether he raps with Ludacris, rocks with Lenny Kravitz or sings one of his 13 No. 1 country songs, Jason Aldean throws his kinda party. The 38-year-old country superstar, who co-headlines with Kenny Chesney at Target Field on Saturday and Sunday, answered some quick questions from Nashville.


Q: You’re headlining some stadiums and arenas on your own. Why do 10 stadium shows with Kenny Chesney?

A: I’ve never been in Target Field … and baseball stadiums are my favorite just because I’m such a huge baseball fan. Kenny and I have been friends for a while and talked about touring before. We’ve never had a chance to go out together. I thought it would be cool. To have two acts that size, fans don’t get to see that every day.


Q: It was just announced that you’ll be playing a “Today” show summer concert on July 31. What is it like singing so early in the morning?

A: It’s not easy. We’re used to going to work at 9 o’clock at night. It takes a while for your voice to warm up and to sing these songs the way they’re supposed to sound. Sometimes your range is a little limited that early in the morning. You get up early, like 3 or 4 in the morning, drink a lot of coffee and do a lot of talking. I don’t do vocal exercises. I don’t know what they are.


Q: Your No. 1 single from last year, “Burnin’ It Down,” had the vibe of a sexy midtempo R&B song. What were you thinking?

A: It was different. When people hear the song, they hear the drum loop and the electronic stuff that’s going on in the song. But to me, I listen to the melody; it’s in my wheelhouse, and it’s pretty country. Lyrically, it’s good.


Q: Your music is not on Spotify. Why?

A: I make the majority of my money on shows, not on a streaming site. Whether you’re a songwriter, artist or producer, you should be fairly compensated for the work you put in. The pay [from Spotify] is laughable at best; I’ve seen the statements. That’s why I got involved with Tidal. It’s not a one-sided deal.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve cheapened music down so people think they’re supposed to have it for nothing. You don’t get to watch a new movie for free. I don’t expect fans to understand how this business works. I’m the one country guy taking grenades for everybody. I was raised to stand up for whatever I believe in.


Q: What is the real Jason Aldean like?

A: I’d say what you see is what you get. I go full throttle, try to give 110 percent and leave the people wanting more. When you see our shows, it’s not smoke and mirrors with me.


Q: When will you record a duet with your new wife, Brittany Kerr, former “American Idol” contestant?

A: I don’t know if she wants any part of the music business anymore. She’s a great singer and would probably do fairly well. She had a little taste of all of that stuff. She can sing in the car and in the shower and here in the house, but I don’t know if she cares to pursue it as a career.