Lucio and Simplicio Godina, born in the Philippines in 1908, were actually pygopagus twins, joined at the buttocks. This report appeared in the Minneapolis Tribune. For more on the inseparable brothers, including photos of them playing golf and posing with their twin brides, see this Sideshow World profile.

Census Director Solves
Nature Puzzle; Siamese
Twins Held Two Persons

(By Associated Press)
Washington, Jan. 7. – Lucio and Simplicio Godin[a], famous “Siamese Twins,” will be enumerated in the census as two persons, although they are a unit physically, under a ruling today by Director Rogers. The twins are 11 years old, natives of the Philippines, and are living in Washington.
Awwwwwwwww: The Godina brothers at age 4. (American Press Association photo)


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