Looks like the Boss’ next album is even darker than “Nebraska”:

That’s how the story came up in the Zite ap, anyway. No idea why, except that the picture of the Governor reminds me of the last time I enjoyed “The Walking Dead,” if “enjoyment” is a word one can apply to this endless festival of ambulatory meat and misery. Last night’s episode had the obligatory Big Thing for the mid-season climax, and while it’s nice that everyone’s out of the prison, it’s too bad about the obligatory Major Character Death. Where will they go next? Who’s left? How will they regroup?

I don’t know and I don’t care. There were some scenes from the first season shown during the commercial breaks, and the shot of Rick riding a horse into Atlanta reminded me how stark and gripping the show used to be when the disaster was fresh. Now it’s a slog from fort to fort, with uplifting subplots like “everyone’s dying of the flu” and new characters who exist only to die next season. Forget it. I’m done. At some point last night I noted that one of the characters was using a filing cabinet as a shield, and the bullets didn’t go through. It didn’t even have a drawer.

One more thing: remember when characters used to sit up in the towers with rifles with scopes, and practice picking off zombies from a distance? That sort of skill would come in handy when a monocular sociopath stands up on a tank and says he’s come to take over, no?

No! Get down on the ground behind a chain link fence where he can see you!

In more uplifting news from a universe even less plausible but much more delightful: did characters from the previous Disney Animation Studios show up in the new one? Well, sure. Why not?

TUMBLR DU JOUR It begins with cusswords, so if that offends you, click not. Otherwise you may appreciate “Tab Closed; Didn’t Read.” It’s devoted to fighting sites that splash an ad over the screen requiring your action to dismiss. Yes, I know, sites need ad revenue. But these are particularly heinous on a mobile device; you have to expand the page to find the tiny X, which is the size of one-eighth a grain of rice, and most of the time you miss and go off to some place you don’t want to be. It’s like going to a movie, putting a big black sheet over the picture, and making you get out of your seat, walk to the front with a long pole, and try to hit the X in the upper-right-hand corner.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS You may have heard about the fellow who dropped a thousand dollars at the Mall of America. I mean, literally dropped. Here’s the video.

He was arrested, because - as CCO’s report puts it - “he could have caused a serious situation.”

This may be plea-bargained down to “a tragicomic situation.

DASHCAM VotD Short, with mayhem; Russia delivers, as usual.:

STOP THIEF!  Logo Thief looks at interesting pieces of graphic design, and the designers who steal them. As in:

Whoa! Someone took the logo from an HBO show and thought he could get away with it? Other way around.

Finally: it's December, so now this makes sense.

In other words: bg-headed translucent manger-beast. We'll try to post some Christmas Peculiarities every day, unless of course we foget. It's been known to happen.