How well do you know your Minnesota high school teams?

Where, for example, is East Ridge? Eastview? Mesabi East? It’s important to know this time of year, especially, when schools climb into the high school tournament media spotlight.

It may take a private school parent to know that Breck is the one in Golden Valley and Blake is in Minneapolis, even though it plays games in Hopkins. Or a west metro resident to know that Hopkins High School is in ... Minnetonka.

On television, in newspaper stories, throughout social media suddenly there’s BOLD on your screens and in print. Last weekend, announcers referred to “MAML’’ skating in the Class 1A boys’ hockey championship. And suddenly, what sounds like “mammal’’ is referred to the Moose.

Think you know your public high school team geography? See if you can place these metro-area institutions in the correct city.

1. East Ridge

2. Eastview

3. Irondale

4. Simley

5. Tartan

OK, those were easy. Right?

Let’s go outstate and take it up a notch. Name the communities that make up these acronyms.


2. Win-E-Mac




P.S. Mesabi East isn’t in Mesabi. It’s on the Iron Range in northeastern Minnesota. You can find the school in Aurora. And MAML? That would be Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake, runners-up this year and, from the sounds of things, an acronym we’ll be hearing more about.

Here are the answers and how to figure your grade.

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