A WCCO news woman has a news flash for the owner of a certain Malamute: It's muzzle time.

Esme Murphy said her German shorthaired pointer was attacked by a Malamute during the Luminary Loppet.

Her brother-in-law Greg, her husband, David Klopp, and their daughter, Esme, were skiing the Loppet course with the family dog Brock in his skijoring harness, when he decided to greet a large Malamute.

"This Malamute jumped [Brock] and then took [Brock's] head in his mouth, dragged him to the ground and started dragging him across the course," said Murphy. "Greg hit the dog on the head with his pole and the Malamute let go. The Malamute was on a leash; Brock was on a skijoring harness that has about a 20-foot bungy cord tether. Brock has a puncture to his neck and ear. In the commotion, David didn't get the name of person who had the Malamute. I was worried about the Malamute not having his rabies shot, but Brock has his so he's protected.

"Esme was really upset. She's 9. She is devoted to this dog. My camera has like 500 pictures of this dog, maybe more," said Murphy, a TV reporter, anchor and radio show host. "That was the worst thing about it: It happened in front of her.

"The dog's OK. He's a little overweight, so I think a little extra padding helped." Brock, about 90 pounds, went to the veterinarian Monday to get checked over.

Young Esme is about 65 pounds. "What if she'd gone up to the dog?" asked Murphy. "If you've got a dog that can do that, I think a dog like that should be wearing a muzzle."

Breathless over Madieu

Why was Vikings community relations guy Brad Madson so out of breath at a news conference a couple of months ago when he introduced safety Madieu Williams as the team's "Man of the Year"?

"I realized I had forgotten the trophy -- left it back in my office -- so I ran back to get it before I introduced Madieu. I thought I looked ridiculous," Madson said of the video posted at www.startribune.com/a183, where he looks a little sweaty.

Now Madson doesn't look so ridiculous.

Three NFL players were nominated for the "Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year" award, and at the Super Bowl it was announced that Williams was the winner for all his charitable work.

Still the Brett of jokes

If Brett Favre had had any idea he was going to make a mockery of his marriage and become a punch line, wonder if he'd have sexted Jenn Sterger?

During the Fox pre-Super Bowl coverage from Dallas, comedian Frank Caliendo did an impersonation of former President George W. Bush that included two shots at Favre's reprehensible behavior.

"I'm from this state. I used to be the most famous Texin. But now it's Brett Favre. In fact, he's probably textin' right now," said Caliendo. While speaking of the name Aaron Rodgers has made for himself, Caliendo said, "Brett Favre made a new name for himself as well: Defendant. Ohhhh, tell the truth."

Favre and his family couldn't even watch the pre-game without his childishness being thrown back in his face. That's serious recompense.

After the Packers beat the Steelers, reporters and commentators couldn't stop mentioning how Rodgers now had as many Super Bowl titles as Favre won for Green Bay -- plus Aaron earned the distinction of being named MVP.

The young QB whom Favre was too immature and insecure to mentor when they were in Green Bay together now has his own Super Bowl ring. Good for Rodgers.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy had the team fitted for Super Bowl rings Saturday, according to media reports. That's a bold psychological move that justifies nicknaming the coach Dr. Mike.

If Leslie Frazier has everybody who makes the roster fitted for Super Bowl rings, maybe Vikings fans will be celebrating this time next year? There's nothing wrong with having a dream.

'Way Black When'

Mint Condition of St. Paul is the house band for TV 1's monthlong Black History Month series, "Way Black When," co-hosted by Sinbad, Niecy Nash and Christopher (Kid) Reid.

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