Q: Is Linda Hunt, aka Henrietta “Hetty” Lange, coming back to “NCIS: Los Angeles”? In my opinion, her character is sorely missed.

A: You are not the only one to miss Hunt. You may remember that the Oscar winner (best supporting actress, “The Year of Living Dangerously”) was in what she called a “minor traffic accident” last summer. At the time she said she was looking forward to the start of production of a new season on “NCIS: L.A.” But in a November statement to TVLIne.com she said, “Though I had hoped to return to playing Hetty at the start of the season, I had to take some additional time to recover. I look forward to returning later this season.”

No return date for ‘Life in Pieces’

Q: What has happened to “Life in Pieces”? I saw that it had been renewed for another season but I haven’t seen it for a long time. We like that show and were glad that it had been renewed.

A: CBS indeed picked up the very funny series for another round, but at this writing has not set a date for its return.

Long-lost ‘J.T.’ available online

Q: I have been attempting to recall the name of a show and find out if I can get a copy of it. It aired in the late ’60s (around Christmas season?) and was about a little boy who lived in the slums and had nothing. He discovered a cat in an abandoned building and they became fast friends. The boy’s name might have been J.J. but I could be confusing the name with a different program.

A: You were close. The production was called “J.T.” and originally aired on CBS in 1969. The hourlong program originally aired in a Saturday daytime series of young people’s stories, then was repeated in prime time. Kevin Hooks, later a well-known actor and director, starred. Jane Wagner wrote the script, the debut of a distinguished career. The film garnered much acclaim, including a Peabody Award praising its “highly creative and imaginative writing and superb production filled with extraordinary insight and compassion.” It also brought Wagner to the attention of Lily Tomlin, according to their website; a long partnership and eventually marriage followed.

You can see it again on YouTube and on the Tomlin-Wagner website, lilytomlin.com.

‘Lucifer’ moves to Netflix

Q: I have been so disappointed that I have not seen any listing for the return of “Lucifer.” Maybe in January? Or is it gone for good?

A: It will be back sometime in 2019, but at a new location. Although Fox dropped the show after three seasons, Netflix agreed to make a fourth. The fourth season will just be 10 episodes. Still, Netflix will reportedly pick up the three previous seasons for replay as well. Air dates should be announced soon.


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