While in the Twin Cities, Kim Kardashian was reportedly overheard referring to Kris Humphries by the pet name "Roman."

No further context or interpretation is available. But it doesn't take much imagination to see a Roman god when you look at the gorgeous Humphries, although the NBAer's beak is his least Augustusian facial feature.

After ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas at Tao, where she debuted her new single according to "Entertainment Tonight," Kardashian flew to Minneapolis to be courtside while the Timberwolves rang in 2011 by defeating Humphries' team, the Nets.

In other activities, an e-mailer by the name of Alex Bjornnes "wanted to give you [as in, me] a heads up that Kim [and] Kris were spotted at the Five Guys in Edina" Sunday night. An insider at Five Guys confirmed the sighting to me Tuesday.

While Five Guys is great, I was hoping that Humphries would also expose Kardashian to other fine metro restaurants. She needs to see that neither LA nor NYC has much on the Twin Cities, dining-wise.

Various websites report that Kardashian and Humphries also dined with his parents at Minneapolis' Grand Hotel. My Wednesday call to Kris' dad, Will Humphries, who's considered something of an intimidating figure, has not been returned. However, a source known to me reported that Grand dining experience and noted that a chef was called back to the hotel restaurant when they learned Kardashian and other glitterati were dining there. E!Online reports that Kardashian stayed at the Humphries family's suburban Minneapolis home (which a source known to me heard was a possibility) and that Kris took Kim snowmobiling.

"Kardashian is already making a good impression with beau Kris Humphries' family members," wrote E!Online. No breathtaking news there to anyone who's seen her on E!'s "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

If this little romance, which came to the attention of NY gossips in November, keeps puttering along, with no more sightings of her out with the likes of Gabriel Aubry, the truest test of Kardashian's charm and persuasive powers will be revealed if Humphries turns up on the reality show with Bruce and Kris Jenner and the rest of the K-K-K-K's.

Humphries is a tad media-phobic, but Kris Jenner will fix that if he's staying in the picture.

Star sightings

"Peter Krause & Lauren Graham. Saw them both at the Sebastian Joe's in Linden Hills about 2 p.m. today [Dec. 29]. Nothing more exciting than that, a tv-star sighting. It appears he was buying some ice cream for his son [Roman, according to Wiki]. ... And all the Minnesota nice Minnesotans just let them be. ... No paparazzi. My sister jokingly said I should contact you, but I thought, what the hey... you probably don't get much e-mail, right? Ha, ha Christen Thompson."

Many thanks to your sister, Christen!

Sebastian Joe's personnel told me Wednesday they did not notice the presence of the TV stars who play siblings on NBC's "Parenthood."

Piling on Brett

We knew who Brett Favre was ... but we didn't KNOW him.

Turns out this Mississippi pig has rhythm, as showcased at the 2:44 mark in an NFL.com video at www.startribune.com/a124 which I stumbled across while trying to figure out to whom Kurt Warner first made his comments about Favre's damaged image.

"To me, when I think of Favre, the first thing I think of [is] the chaos that's happened the last couple of years. Hopefully, within a couple of years, people will forget that and remember the kind of player he was on the field. I think in the short-term, he definitely hurt his legacy," said Warner, who QB'd the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl in 2000.

A serious Christian, faithful husband and family man, Warner made sure his comments on Favre steered clear of the retiring QB's alleged endeavors at Babe Hopping and focused instead on Brett's team hopping.

After Favre was slapped with a $50,000 fine for not cooperating with the NFL's investigation into whether he sent sext messages to Jenn Sterger, we are left to assume that Brett declined official efforts to make clinical, visual, anatomical comparisons. Pile on a lawsuit from two massage therapists who lost jobs with the Jets after allegedly refusing Brett's alleged passes -- which allegedly included an invitation to a menage a trois on a night when he had "bad intentions" -- there is little doubt in our mind that our good old boy was actually a pig of a human.

But who knew the guy doing the cloddish homage to "Pants on the Ground" was a decent River Dancer?

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