Lady Gaga reportedly made a low-key arrival at CorePower Yoga that turned predictably skimpy when she lounged around in public in her panties.

A latter-day Madonna (and the personification of the never-seen Maris Crane on "Frasier," in my imagination), Lady Gaga wrapped up a two-day concert stop at St. Paul's X on Tuesday night. The tour continues in Milwaukee Thursday night.

Amazingly, none of the five CorePower staffers on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis claimed to have heard a peep about Gaga taking a private lesson from a member of the staff, described to me as the surfer dude yoga instructor. Someone smarter speculated that the reason for this ignorance is that Gaga was due to return for more yoga on Wednesday.

Tuesday afternoon, reported that a Tricia Khutoretsky had claimed an alleged Gaga sighting on Facebook.

"Gaga just walked into my yoga studio," wrote Khutoretsky, who may not actually work there. "She comes in with a huge bodyguard. Strips down to her bra and panties in the locker room TWO FEET away from me, and then disappears into a blocked off studio for a private lesson. So crazy. Then ... After class she is chillin', still in only bra/panties in the lounge area. So perfect. Only Lady Gaga does that."

Or somebody imitating Lady Gaga who has seen the countless Internet items on her going to yoga studios around the country, a suspicious gossip wonders.

Gaga has not responded (as if) to my Wednesday tweet seeking confirmation she was at CorePower. (Looks as though she only made one Twitter note while here, patting herself on the back for two sold-out shows.) Khutoretsky likewise has not responded to an e-mail I sent to her via Facebook.

I've been to CorePower twice trying to nail down Khutoretsky's information. Tuesday evening a man, who would not give his name but said he was a yoga instructor at another location, regaled me and a CorePower client about how Gaga "came in and took a class. She did a private. I don't think anyone who was here really knew it was her until afterwards. She didn't make a big scene or anything."

If Gaga was sitting around the lounge in her undies, she was making a scene. Ick.

One CorePower staffer told me leggings or boxer shorts are normal lower-body attire for yoga, not panties. But of course, Gaga has been seen house-hunting, standing on a balcony and attending a baseball game in panties, which are not outerwear to most of us. Gaga must have a rash.

Feeding Gaga

We may never know if Lady Gaga sampled the gooey treats from St. Paul's Sweets Bakeshop.

Bakeshop co-owner Krista Steinbach said, "The Xcel Center asked for the macaroons for another event, so we decided it would be fun to do the cupcakes for Lady Gaga, too."

The cupcakes were beautifully monstrous, over-decorated little numbers, based on the photo I found at

Muzzle that warmup band

It's too bad the band Semi Precious Weapons, opening for Lady Gaga, had permission to speak, as word is the patter was raunchy. Someone was apparently bent on setting a record for dropping F-bombs on a St. Paul stage.

Oh, how flattered should we be that Gaga "debuted" her new ballad, "Living on the Radio," here?

But, was it a debut or a rehearsal ... you know, as in practice for a real performance?

Famous fan on hand

David Arquette chatted with a pal of mine when she was at W's first-floor bar about 11:15 p.m. Tuesday.

Arquette said he was in town for the Lady Gaga concert. At his Twitter account, davidarquette, he posted several photos from here, including one taken in Minneapolis at 901 Marquette in which his hand is playfully covering the M.

Tracking Adrian

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is a single guy with dating options, so it's hard to keep up.

Women were practically fainting at the sight of Peterson at a restaurant over the weekend, according to a source known to me who noted, "He has a big neck." The source also said that Adrian was in the company of a beautiful black woman.

Asked to look at one of the pictures at of Peterson with a woman -- who's exciting the folks at -- the source said: "Yep. With the cropped cut [a] Rihanna twin. Gorgeous."

Now, that's Atlanta-based singer Keri Hilson.

Keri looks a lot like Ashley Brown, aka Ashley Thompson, another Sooner, who unfortunately has been on the pages of Playboy, and with whom Peterson has been in an unannounced engagement, according to an item from SportsbyBrooks a couple of months ago.

Either Adrian's on an extended brown-sugar diet, or this is the same chick. Or isn't it? She probably won't be around long enough for it to matter.

In the meantime, Adrian, may I suggest for your vertical mamboing pleasure the sexy Hilson cut, "Slow Dance"?

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