Our Vikings writers answer reader questions each week. Here's an example this week:

From @TSchwartz28: If Adam Thielen continues at his production pace for the rest of the season, what's the percentage chance he could win MVP? #HonestQuestion

Andrew Krammer: If Thielen were to continue at this rapid pace (about 119 yards per game), he'd have the second-best single season of any receiver of all time at about 1,899 receiving yards, trailing Calvin Johnson's 2012 season (1,964).

While it's possible, he's still got the bulk of the schedule to go. Unfortunately, I'd still expect the percentage chance of him becoming the NFL's first receiver to be named MVP relatively low, because that kind of production would mean quarterback Kirk Cousins is also putting up lofty numbers. Those awards have historically gone to the quarterbacks throwing those passes. Just ask Jerry Rice, who watched Joe Montana and Steve Young win two MVPs apiece while throwing to him.