The Independence Party’s first candidate has entered the 2014 U.S.Senate race.

Hannah Nicollet, 39, of St. Paul will vie to take on Democratic incumbent Sen. Al Franken. Six Republican candidates are also campaigning to take Franken's seat. Nicollet, who describes herself on her Twitter profile as a member of the “Mind Your Own Business Party, ideologically opposed to the Control Freak Party” is a married mother of two and vocal Ron Paul supporter.

Independence Party Chair Mark Jenkins lauded Nicollet for being the first to enter the race,
“I’m impressed with Hannah. She’s very smart and articulate and I’m glad to see we’ve got a good candidate stepping forward.”

A formal endorsement of the Independence Party’s Senate candidate won’t come until their May 17 convention in Mankato. Along with the U.S. Senate race, Independence Party candidates also announced their intention to run for governor and Minnesota State Auditor. Jenkins said he expects a full slate of candidates.

“I’m glad that some of the folks who are interested in running for Senate are stepping out and getting engaged in active campaigns,” Jenkins said. “I look forward to having two or three candidates for our delegates to choose from at our state convention.”