The Traveler: G. Michael Schneider of Minneapolis.

This ghostly place, called Deadvlei, or "dead marsh," lies in Namibia's Namib-Naukluft National Park. "This region was once rich in water and filled with camel thorn trees, but about 700-800 years ago the climate changed, the water disappeared and the trees died. Over the years they turned black from the scorching sun, but the wood itself did not decompose because of the extremely low humidity. So, instead, they poke out through the sand like skeletal remains," Schneider wrote in an e-mail. He has visited Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania, but believes Namibia tops them all. Like the others, the country offers big game viewing, but it also includes "amazing scenery, whale watching cruises along its coast, prehistoric cave art, fascinating San bushman culture, and the beautiful modern capital city of Windhoek. It is a wonderful African safari destination. And it is safe enough that you can rent a car (like we did) and see the country on your own."

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