Like bread fresh from the hearth, our land emanates warmth from months of baking in the summer sun. Something new is coming — the air is shifting. The morning’s dew has glazed the landscape in a delicate frost.

Upon this new dawn, squirrels scamper and crunch about a forest floor now blanketed in leaves. Each day the blanket grows denser and more vibrant. The land, like the squirrel, knows this is the season to thicken its coat.

As the temperatures move from arid to frigid, autumn is in our senses. The air is crisp — from the fragrant smoke of a bonfire to the aroma of maple syrup caramelizing over a bed of oats and Braeburns.

This is fall. Drink it in.

Chad Fix is an avid outdoorsman and photographer who loves cooking with the spoils of his adventures. Follow him on Facebook at Sota Boy Adventures and his blog at