The internet is calling it GuacGate 2018.

A few days ago, the downtown Minneapolis location of Ike's Food & Cocktails (50 S. 6th St.) debuted a special Super Bowl menu with some big-ticket items. But one particular dish set the local social media universe aflame: 

Guacamole and chips for $36.

You can see the full menu here in tweet by Dan DeBaun of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

Also: beef skewers for $72. And four sliders for $38. Not to mention a 10-ounce filet for $110.

But nothing gets people going like overpriced guac, right? (Ike's regular menu has the guac priced at $12.)

Arts impresario Scott Mayer posted this on Facebook, setting off a tsunami of comments:

In its own Facebook post, Ike's quickly walked back its high-priced guac as a "mistake." But then that post disappeared. DeBaun caught it with a screengrab:

Ike's took to Facebook again yesterday with a new post explaining things. But that post is currently "unavailable" too. DeBaun was on the case again, posting this screengrab:

On Monday morning, an Ike's representative told us this is all one big mix-up.

"It was really just an unfortunate misprint," said manager Jennifer Lurtsema. "[The menu] was supposed to be printed as $12, but it was printed as $36. No one paid $36 for guacamole [this weekend]."

Lurtsema said Ike's was always planning to offer its regular menus all week, with the Super Bowl menu as a special add-on featuring larger portions. Those beef skewers, she said, weigh in at a pound and a half. The $130 Tomahawk ribeye is 30 ounces.

After the internet kerfuffle, however, Lurtsema said Ike's is pulling the super-sized Super Bowl menu altogether (although, some of the items will be offered verbally at tables).