Here are the questions raised by Jamal Crawford's reported departure from the Timberwolves:

• Can Tom Thibodeau attract quality bench players? He signed Cole Aldrich, then didn't play him. He signed Crawford, then didn't play him as much as Crawford wanted or expected. Thibs plays his starters massive minutes. Even if you don't disagree with that strategy, it makes attracting quality bench players in free agency difficult.

• If Thibs can't build a strong bench, is Jimmy Butler less likely to re-sign with the Wolves?

• Does this make it more likely that the Wolves will pursue a trade — whether of Andrew Wiggins, their first-round pick, or some combination of assets? The Wolves are even more desperately in need of three-point shooting and bench scoring now, and don't have enough cap space to spend on high-profile free agents.

• Does this make it more likely the Wolves invest in Derrick Rose?