Editor’s note: This is one in an occasional series of brief profiles on random cyclists encountered in the Twin Cities. See previous profiles at startribune.com/icycle. Text by Bob Timmons, photography by David Joles, of the Star Tribune.


Abdi Rahim Abdi of Minneapolis, currently unemployed

Seen: Morning of Sept. 13, intersection of Franklin and Chicago avenues, Minneapolis


Abdi said he uses his Mongoose BMX bike, one of three cycles he owns, to get most everywhere. “Every day I ride — day and night. I like to get exercise. I need it, you know.” Abdi, 33, said he rode a bike in his native country of Somalia, too, and cycled to stay fit when he lived in Kenya. Now, he said he tools around Minneapolis for the occasional work opportunity, and he rides for several hours during the week to see his mother, who lives near Lake Calhoun.