There is a cake for every life milestone and for some, divorce is worth celebrating.

To punctuate the end of a marriage, some couples are paying bakeries for divorce dessert. You have to admit, a cake is cheaper than a divorce attorney and a whole lot sweeter.

A few calls to local bakeries revealed the divorce cake trend has yet to catch on in the Twin Cities.

"We have really wanted to make them, but we haven't had any requests for them yet," said Alina Matveyeva, lead baker at Nadia Cakes in Woodbury."

Elsewhere, divorce cakes are officially trending. Kim Say, the owner of Adult Cakes by Kim, a Houston bakery, recently told NPR that she has an "entire selection of divorce cakes," and even makes cakes for individual marital problems. One of Say's customers is a lawyer who orders several of these divorce cakes each year to send to his clients.

Here's a look at some of the most creative divorce cakes making the rounds on the internet.

Some cakes show the bride knocking over the groom, while others are Star Wars themed.

Perhaps if this couple had put as much effort into their marriage as the details of this divorce cake, they'd still be married.